Exploring the World of Tanning Beds

Tanning Beds, also known as sunbeds, have long been a go-to choice for individuals seeking that coveted sun-kissed glow. These devices emit ultraviolet radiations for cosmetic purposes, offering options for artificial tanning or sunless tanning. Tanning beds typically come in two fundamental formats—horizontal tanning beds and vertical tanning beds.

Horizontal Tanning Beds: These are commonly found in both residential and commercial settings. Horizontal tanning beds feature a lid equipped with tubular ultraviolet lamps and a comfortable plastic or glass “bench” designed for optimal relaxation. To bask in the glow, you simply lie down, close the lid, and allow the ultraviolet light to work its magic on your skin. For even tanning, a single rotation halfway through each session is all it takes.

Vertical Tanning Beds: Also known as stand-ups or tanning booths, vertical tanning beds offer an efficient and user-friendly alternative. The interior of these beds is enveloped with ultraviolet light bulbs, emitting rays in a 360-degree pattern. All you need to do is step inside and close the door. Since your body is exposed to ultraviolet light from all angles, there’s no need to worry about turning over midway through your tanning session.

When it comes to tanning beds, there’s a distinction between conventional and high-pressure models. High-pressure tanning beds primarily emit more tanning rays (UVA) and fewer burning rays (UVB). Many high-pressure tanning beds employ lamps made of quartz, which increases internal air pressure compared to conventional ultraviolet lamps. These high-pressure beds are particularly effective for individuals with intermediate to dark skin tones.

It’s worth noting that all UV lamps are marked to indicate their UVB percentage. For example, if a lamp is labeled as 6% UVB, it means it emits 6% UVB rays and 94% UVA rays. This signifies a relatively low UVB percentage, resulting in a tan that’s brown rather than burnt.

Modern tanning beds available in stores often feature cooling systems, ensuring a more comfortable experience during your tanning sessions.

Before investing in a tanning bed, it’s wise to compare the pros and cons of different models. This thoughtful consideration ensures that you select the perfect tanning bed that delivers superior results without compromising your skin or overall health.

Embrace the world of tanning beds, and achieve that radiant, sun-kissed look you’ve always desired.