Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss Without Restrictive Diets

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m on a diet”? They may experience initial weight loss, only to regain all the weight they lost. You’ve probably also come across individuals who swear by cardio exercises as the ultimate solution for weight loss, yet the results are frustratingly slow. They eventually give up and regain even more weight than before.

You may have embarked on a strict diet and pushed yourself through rigorous cardio workouts, leading to rapid weight loss. However, when you examine yourself in the mirror, you realize your body shape isn’t as flattering as you hoped. Soon enough, you hit a plateau.

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Regardless of how strict your diet or how intense your cardio routine, your weight refuses to budge. And to make matters worse, you start gaining weight again. Disheartened by the lackluster progress, you succumb to indulging in guilty food more frequently, resulting in the weight returning. You blame it on your genetics and deem the program a failure. But why?

Here’s the reason: take a close look at the title of this article. It’s about “Fending Off Fats,” not just “losing weight.” The point is, when you simply focus on losing weight, you also end up losing muscle mass. Losing muscle leads to a decrease in body tone and a slower metabolism for calorie burning. To achieve permanent fat loss, you must build muscles while losing fat. You may even notice a slight increase in weight because muscles weigh more than fat.

To effectively lose fat and maintain long-term results, you need to combine healthy eating habits, incorporate cardio exercises, and engage in weightlifting to build muscles. For each kilogram of muscle you gain, you’ll burn an additional 70-100 calories per day, even while at rest. Just imagine the benefits of gaining 5 kilograms of muscle—an extra 350 to 500 calories burned daily, even during periods of rest. It’s like burning off a Big Mac every day! To put it into perspective, 1 kilogram equals about 7,700 calories. By burning 500 calories per day due to your increased muscle mass, you’ll lose approximately 1 kilogram every two weeks solely because of your higher metabolism rate.

Not only will you achieve a leaner physique, but you’ll also exude good health and well-toned appearance. Ever wonder why bodybuilders can eat abundantly without easily gaining fat?

It’s widely known that intensive cardio and strict diets result in muscle loss along with fat. While you may experience initial weight loss, you’ll end up looking like a smaller version of yourself without any muscle definition. That’s not what we desire, is it?

As you lose more muscle mass, your metabolism slows down, and your body begins conserving fat while utilizing muscles for energy due to the strict diet. Consequently, you hit a plateau where no matter what you do, your weight won’t decrease, and your fat levels start creeping up again. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the “yo-yo” effect associated with dieting.

Losing fat is simple, but let’s clarify that simple doesn’t equate to easy. The guidelines I provide are easy to understand, but their execution demands determination and discipline on your part. It’s a lifestyle change that will permanently keep fat off, and you’ll be grateful you made the effort when you adapt to the changes within a few weeks. The rewards will include a fitter, healthier, and more appealing version of yourself, accompanied by a radiant complexion.

Here’s how you can do it: losing fat simply means burning more calories than you consume. Period