10 Fashion Tips for Flattering Plus Size Body Types

Gone are the days when plus size women were left out of the ever-changing world of fashion. Thankfully, the fashion industry now offers a plethora of trendy options for curvy ladies. To help you make the most flattering choices for your body type, here are ten tips to consider when selecting plus size attire:

  1. Embrace Dark, Solid Colors: Black and navy blue are your allies in achieving a slimmer appearance. Opt for these classic colors to instantly minimize curves.
  2. Princess Seams for a Slimming Effect: Look for garments with princess seams, which curve in on both sides to create a flattering silhouette.
  3. Opt for Long Sleeves: Long sleeves help minimize the appearance of full-figured arms and wrists, drawing attention away from these areas.
  4. Choose Capris with Ankle Bracelets: For a flattering touch, wear capris with ankle bracelets to draw the eye to your ankles and away from any signs of a plus size presence in your thighs or legs.
  5. Opt for Figure-Flattering Styles: Avoid baggy clothes that do not hide anything. Instead, choose clothing that accentuates your figure tastefully.
  6. Select A-Line or Flutter Tops: If you have love handles, avoid extremely snug shirts with jeans. Opt for A-line or flutter tops that hide problem areas and highlight your style.
  7. Avoid Overly Tight Clothes: Wearing overly tight clothes is never a good idea. Always choose clothes that fit comfortably and flatter your curves.
  8. Monochromatic Looks for a Slimmer Appearance: Dressing in monochromatic outfits (all one color) can make you look taller and slimmer. Try a black figure-flattering top with soft black pants, and add a trendy belt for a stylish touch.
  9. Embrace a Healthy Glow: A suntan can give you a healthier and possibly even a slimmer appearance. Opt for a high-quality self-tanning lotion for a safe and beautiful glow.
  10. Use Control Top Pantyhose or Tummy Control Panties: To minimize belly bulge, consider wearing control top pantyhose or tummy control panties. These can help create a smoother silhouette.

Remember, fashion is all about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. Embrace your body, experiment with different styles, and find what makes you feel fabulous. With these tips, you can make fashion choices that highlight your beauty and uniqueness as a plus size woman.